Economy - Kratie

In an effort to entice foreign investment, the province is offering generous business concessions to those who wish to invest in rubber plantations inside the country. Kampong Cham and Kratie have an abundance of red soil and water resources, which create ideal conditions for the cultivation of rubber. Generally, the people make their living from rubber and cashew nut plantation, fishing, rice farming and producing a rich array of fruits in fertile orchards, including durian, rambutans and lychees.

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Waterfall of Cham Pey

Waterfall Of Cham Pey is the natural resort locating at 35-kilometer distance from the provincial town along the road No 68. The resort consists of waterfall at the mountain valley, big rock having 500-square meter size, mountain full of trees and a lot of orchids and other colorfull varied flowers. At 500-meter distance from the waterfall, there is another natural and cultural resort, which has been arranged and organized by monks who make their meditation there. This resort named Rut Cham Pey having many varied statues depicting the process of human life-born and died and other religion and animal figures.

In addition, there are many other natural and historical resorts, which have been putting in the projects for development by the Provincial Tourist Office such as: - The area of Tonle Sar - The area of Ang Ou Ang Krang - The area of Pra Sat Seung - The area of Ang Tropeang Baray - The area of Pra Sat Pursat - The area of Cham Kar Kuy - The area of Beung Snour - The area of Tum Nup Thmey - The area of Tuol Kruos (Killing field and prison of Khmer Rouge).

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Wat Vihear Lao

Wat Vihear Lao is 36 km (1h:30mn) from Provincial Town. Wat Vihear Lao, Kratie is one of the popular sightseeing destinations of the city. There are many ancient sightseeing spots in Kratie, which have been standing here for ages. The town of Kratie is the capital of the province by the same name. The provincial capital is located on the banks of Mekong River. The stretch of river is famous for the group of rare Irrawaddy dolphins that are found here. According to studies there are as few as 170 dolphins left in the upper Cambodian Mekong area. Various quaint and ancient tourist attractions in Kratie are present. A popular one among them is the Wat Vihear Lao, Kratie.

Wat Vihear Lao in Kratie is listed among the historical sites and buildings in the area. It is located in Sambour Village in the Sambour District. The structure is set about 36 kilometers away from Kratie. To reach the Wat Vihear Lao you will have to travel approximately for an hour an half. Sambour is a settlement dating back to the pre-Angkorian era. The temples here house colorful murals that tell stories of nature. Also depicted in the murals are traditional Buddhist stories. The famous 100 Column Pagoda is present here. Though the original structure no longer stands, the reconstructed building is no less beautiful.

Wat Vihear Lao, Kratie is present on the site of Sam Phu Borak Capital of the Chen La time. In this area you will find 4 Buddhist temples facing the 4 directions. Among these is the Wat Vihear Lao, Kratie. This temple faces the west direction. The other temples facing the other directions are Vihear Sar Sar-100, Vihear Kork Keut and Vihear Kork.

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Wat Vihear Kuk

Wat Vihear Kuk, Kratie is one of the popular sightseeing destinations in the colorful Cambodian town. Kratie is the capital of the province of the same name. You will find here picturesque landscapes and ancient structures worth visiting. Kratie being relatively remote and less touristy, you will have a quiet and relaxing vacation here. The town of Kratie is located by the Mekong River. A group of rare Irrawaddy Dolphins are found in this stretch of river. You can spend some refreshing time here visiting the fascinating tourist attractions in Kratie. Make it a point to include the Wat Vihear Kuk, Kratie in your itinerary for a memorable experience.

Wat Vihear Kuk in Kratie is located 36 kilometers from the provincial town. It will take you approximately an hour and half to travel to this place. Wat Vihear Kuk is included among the historical sites and buildings of the town. The structure is located at Sambor Village in the district of the same name. Here, close to the building, you will find the famous 100 Column Pagoda. East of the 100 Column Pagoda you will find a narrow track leading to a smaller pagoda. This is the Wat Vihear Kuk, Kratie. You can ask the young monks nearby of the history of the structure to know of the background of the structure and the place. The grimy and ruined structure has been here for ages. It makes for a good sightseeing destination. There are present inside the building many roughly drawn paintings.
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